Posted on: 21 April, 09

It is a teaching hospital, so an intern always examines me first.  This one poked, twisted, and prodded.  He literally heaved a great sigh, scratched his head and said, “I’ve got nothing for you.  Let me go get Dr S.”  Yes, my friend, that would be a very good idea.   Sadly, Dr S had no brilliant ideas either.  He is no longer sure that surgery is answer.  Sounds like good news right?  Not so much.  There is not a good fix at this point. 

If you are squeamish, skip this next part.  I certainly wish I could have skipped it.  To get the swelling under control so I can continue rehab, the nurse laid out a tray of big needles.  I love sewing needles.  Knitting needles are cool.  Needles being poked into my flesh turns me into a quivering mass of jello.  It never hurts as much as I think it will, except today.  My next clue that this was not going to be fun was when a nurse and two interns came in with the doctor.  He instructed one to hold my shoulders, and the other each got a leg.  First, they drained fluid from under the knee cap.  Yeah, fun stuff.  Sure, they shot me up with lidocaine first, but that only numbs up the surface of the knee.  It does nothing for the inside bits that were being skewered by giant needles.  Then, he gave me three steroid injections under the kneecap.  Afterwards, they congratulated me on not passing out.  Thanks, guys.

It will take a few days to see if the steroids work.  Depending on how well it works, I get to go back for more draining and injections.  So, it is back to the physical therapist 2 to 3 times a week.  Summer surgery is still a possibility.  When I went down to the PT office to schedule my appointments, it was like homecoming week at college.  The therapists all came out to say hello, catch up, and see how I was doing, which thoroughly annoyed the  person behind me who was also waiting to make an appointment.

On the sewing front, I made progress on my top.  Really happy with the way it is coming out. 

The most fantastic news today, however, is finding out the newest issue of Ottobre Design is in the mail… early.  Granted, it will take a few days to make it to my house all the way from Finland, but it is on the way!!!  Being utterly impatient, I have already perused the issue on the website.  Gorgeous.   


7 Responses to "Needling"

Yowch! I was cringing here for you as I read it. I sure hope those shots help and you don’t have to have too many more.

have you ever considered acupuncture? i mean, if the doctors are flabberghasted, there’s no harm in trying alternative medicine right? i have acupuncture done on my back (i have scoliosis – where the spine isn’t straight), and acupuncture helps with relieving the pain.

Ouch! Hope it was only painful during the procedure and that you are back to ‘your normal’ now.

Ouch! That hurt me just read about it. So sorry you’re having all that trouble.

YIKES ! That (almost) makes my medical journey pale in comparison!

I wish you good luck and good health, my friend !

I’m so sorry. Will it ever end?

Wow, I almost stopped reading during the knee drainage. But the end paragraph was worth it — I forgot it was time for a new Ottobre! Yay!

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