Posted on: 22 April, 09

A few costumes needed some last minute repairs and alterations before the opening night of the middle school play.  Maybe 15 minutes of work, so no problem.  The garage door would not open when I pulled into the driveway, but it has been snarky for a while.  Fine, I parked and the driveway and went in through the front door.  I flipped a light switch, but no lights.  No problem, burned out bulb.  I flipped another switch, but no lights.  Argh, another burned out bulb!  When the third light switch did not work, it finally dawned on me that the power was out.  Uh oh!  What about the dinner that was suppose to be cooking in the crock pot?  What about the costume that I needed to repair with the sewing machine?!?!  What should have been 15 minutes on the machine, turned into more than an hour by hand.  Yeah, inserting a zipper on sequin shedding fabric is not fun by hand.  Nonetheless, the costumes were done, delivered to school, and carpool was done for both the middle school and high school.  I ordered pizza for dinner because the power was still questionable and I was annoyed that the crock pot dinner had to be thrown out. 

After the world’s fastest dinner, it was off to the play.  I had already been drafted into helping with the lighting.  Do I know anything about lighting?  No, but I am a fast learner.  When we arrived, I discovered that no one showed up to run the box office.  Okay, I can do box office too.  At intermission, I run back stage to help with costume changes.  Everyone is asking, “Where is Art?”  No one knows and Art is in the second act.  The drama teacher looks at me and says, “Could you be Art?”  Okay, I can be Art.  I found a script, found a costume, and literally ran onto stage.  In all honesty, Art is a really small part. The show would have totally made sense without Art, but I did it anyway.  I had to run on stage and embrace Art’s love interest.  Since the love interest had no idea I was the Art understudy, it was a bit of an awkward moment.  As we embraced, I added the line “It’s me, your beloved Art.”  The other actress fell right into step, but I could see the serious confusion in her eyes.  My friends in the audience roared because they knew I wasn’t suppose to be there. 

My son who was in the show?  With all that running around, I did not really get to see him perform, however, others said he did very well.  Most importantly, he had fun.  He also has further evidence that his mother is just little bit insane and always up for the unexpected.  I have no choice but be to ready for the unexpected because my life is an unending string of surprises.


8 Responses to "Drama"

ROTFLOL! What a day! You take multi-tasking to a new level!

Wow! what a night…. glad you had fun.

nothing like thinking on your feet! sounds like an absolutely exhausting day. here’s to the electricity being back on tomorrow so you can do some sewing to soothe your nerves and reward yourself for having to go through all that drama today =)

LOL Sounds like *quite* a day!

I just LOVE your posts and today’s is a prime example of why I do! Every sentence brings a new surprise and, a lot of times, a chuckle too. I wish I could follow you around for just one day.

Wow, and I thought my life was crazy these days! What a great laugh you gave us!

This happens to me all the time, but only when I’m sound asleep. I can’t believe you had an “actor’s nightmare” in real life!

Bravo! Encore! What a woman you are!

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