Cat Got Your Tongue?

Posted on: 23 April, 09

When I first glanced at these little kitty pouches, I thought the zipper was just the mouth.  If you look closely, the zipper is actually a fish in the cat’s mouth.  I must make one of these, possibly more, because they are too adorable. 

PS  There was slightly less drama at the play tonight.  All the cast members showed up.  My only duties were box office and lights.  I will sooooo glad when this show is over. 


6 Responses to "Cat Got Your Tongue?"

These little purses are too cute! I want to make one too. Where did you find them?

OMGosh those kitties are just TOO cute!

It sort of has a Hello Kitty appeal to it — same outline for the head — but with a giant fish-filled mouth instead of a nose.

Very cute. How will you make the zipper pull? Will you line the pouch? Any chance of a tutorial?

Cute Teri — where can we find the pattern for these? Hope you have a relaxing weekend. Virginia

Love them! Adorable adorable!

This is way too cute! Another one who’d love to know where you found these/the pattern.

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