Posted on: 24 April, 09

That stands for “Thank God Friday is Over.”  Here’s a brief recap:

– confiscated 2 cell phones and one iPod from students during classes

– confiscated on lacrosse stick being swung at Student B by Student A as Student A chased Student B across the playing field.  Student A then bugged me all day about when would he get his stick back because he needed it for lacrosse practice that afternoon. 

– spent the last 10 minutes of one class period with everyone sitting in silence, doing nothing because they were that ridiculous

– made two students cry

– closed down the middle school play (big woo hoo on being done with that!)

The day was not a total loss. I had an eighth grade class that was exceptionally cooperative, like “I don’t recognize these students because they are so well behaved.”  It was a little surreal.   A student with whom I had a particularly ugly confrontation wrote the sweetest, most heartfelt letter of apology.  No one told her to do it.  I almost cried. 


3 Responses to "T.G.F.I.O."

I would not be able to cope with that type of thing all the time. Bravo to teachers!

DH had some interesting comments about goings-on at his school today too. Do I really want to do this chaperone-thing tonight? Prom is in 2 hours – ack! I must take my shower!

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