All Played Out

Posted on: 25 April, 09

C’s middle school play ran Tuesday through Friday night.  Tonight was the last night of the high school play.  My neighbor’s daughter, my Project Runway buddy, was the lead actress.  It is senior year, her last high school performance.  How could I not go?  She was fantastic!  The high school always does amazing shows.  Even though it was a comedy, I was getting little misty eyed watching her, knowing that she will go away to college in just a few months.  Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model won’t be the same without her. 

Tomorrow, if I ever manage to drag myself out of bed, will be a sewing day.  It should be a cleaning day, but I need some sewing time to de-stress from this past week.


1 Response to "All Played Out"

You’ve just finished what I’m about to start 😉 My daughter is studying drama and I just spent a day helping at a camp dedicated to early practice of a performance of King Lear. Finding costumes is the next step, first checking out the costume cupboards at the school and teacher’s house and then searching for treasures in op shops, then to sew/alter whatever else is required. Hoping for a bit of fun sewing 🙂

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