Questions Answered

Posted on: 26 April, 09

Today is all about catching up.  I caught up on sleep.  I did some laundry.  (Can’t say I “caught up” on laundry because I don’t think we ever actually catch up on laundry.)  I caught up on paperwork.  Now it is time to catch up on a few bloggy things. 

The little kitty pouches seem to captivate you as much as they did me.  I thought a link had been included in the post, but that what happens when I try to write a post too quickly.  Here is the blog link.  I am firm believer in giving credit where credit is due.  :)  I totally agree with GailV, they do have a strong Hello Kitty vibe. 

There were also a few queries about the Project Runway top.  The construction on this top is interesting.  The bodice starts with a scoop next tee.  The wrap pieces go over the tee and are sewn into the side seams.  This alleviated my fear of a plunging neckline revealing too much.  The wrap pieces are quite secure, but I like the extra security underneath.  The pocket does not go all the way to the hemline.  It is about 4 inches deep.  I think this would make a darling dress. 

Hopefully now that the drama “season” is over, I can get back to a more normal routine.  I finished up a new top today and will try to get a photo up tomorrow.  The Ottobre issue is fantastic.  I must make something from it soon. 

Thank you for so many lovely and supportive comments.  I enjoy reading each and every one.  I truly appreciate it when someone takes the time to leave a comment. 


2 Responses to "Questions Answered"

I need some lesssons on “catching up”. I’m always a step behind.

Thanks for the kitty pouch link. Cute that there is a rabbit with a carrot in it’s mouth too!!
Gee the Project Runway top you made is a great design, nice to have the unique look with a bit of security 😉

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