Pants on Fire

Posted on: 27 April, 09

I am a big, fat liar, hence the ignited trousers.  Yesterday, a photo of my new top was promised.  Said photo was taken.  However, I got distracted with looking at the 5 million photos Hubski took during the middle school play.  (He was the “official” play photographer.)  While deleting the bad photos, the camera battery died before I downloaded the photos of my top.  Grrrr.  The battery is now plugged into the charger. 

On a happier note, Hubski got some great shots of the play.  If it were not for the persnickety little detail of these photos are of other people’s children, I would post some.  Though I know it was pure luck, some of the photos have a cool, artsy look.  Our camera really rocks because neither one of us has any photography skills. 

Over the weekend, C outgrew almost all of his pants.  The pants fit last week.  Given the amount of food he consumed this weekend, I should not have been surprised.  He has two pairs that still fit.  Frequent laundry needs to happen until I have time to take him shopping.  I cannot even sew any for him because I don’t have a pattern that fits.  His body shape is way too different than J’s to just alter J’s pattern.  C is going to be a big boy when finishes growing.  At dinner, he announced that the $150 shoes we bought for him two months ago are now too small.  Due to his orthopedic issues, there is no choice but to spend $100-$150 on his shoes.  I told him to curl his toes until next month. 


5 Responses to "Pants on Fire"

I can so relate to the growing boy and no clothes to fit dilemna. My boys have grown by leaps and bounds and it was very hard to find shorts to fit. Fortunately I came across some shorts given to us by a friend. Thank God for hand-me-downs!

What camera do you have?

E said this morning his jeans are too short, although the buttonhole elastic is still cinched in almost all the way! Used to be about this time of the year I could just chop off the legs and make shorts, but E also announced he was not wearing shorts this summer. It’s gonna be a long hot summer!

It’s o.k. about the pictures – just something we have to look forward to when you get them out tomorrow…. !

I sooo know about the growing overnight thing, and shoes! It stinks that daughter’s feet are one size smaller than mine, and she is only 10! (Well, the fact that she has a love for merrells isn’t great on my wallet either.)

I am always threatening to go find a shrinking machine and stick my kiddo’s feet in it! 🙂

One of Punkin’s ballet friends wore a brand new pair of ballet slippers for 1/2 of a class at the beginning of the year before she outgrew them.

OH I can so relate!! Peter seems to grow overnight. At least I get a good season’s wear out of the clothes, generally. I cannot keep up with his jeans, though.

“Curl your toes until next month” I’ll bet he loved to hear you say that!

I really need to whip Peter up some of those ribbing-waist “shorts” in the new issue. I think he’s a size 152 now, so I cannot put it off any longer!

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