Tyra Time

Posted on: 29 April, 09

Every year, our schools participate in National Turn Off the TV week.  Bribes are often employed to garner participation.  I have never encouraged my children to participate.  I have been tempted to offer them bribes to not participate.  Their participation cuts into my TV time.  Not cool. 

Television gets a bad rap.  There is lots of garbage on television, but there is lots of good stuff too.  Some people spend way too much time simply parked in front of the television, passively watching whatever is on.  It does not have to be like that.

Around here, television is a very social thing.  My neighbor, her daughter, and I began watching Project Runway together because I did not get Bravo on my cable line up.  We quickly discovered it was a fun, girly time.  I even made us matching lounge pants to wear while watching.  When Project Runway ended for the season, we asked, “So, what should we watch on Wednesday nights now?”  We love the show, but we also love the excuse to get together every week.  Even once Bravo was added to my cable line up, I still go across the street to watch.  Since PR is on hiatus, we started watching America’s Next Top Model.  It is ridiculous, but that is what we love about it.  Tyra is fierce and inspires our inner fierceness. 

As children become teenagers, conversations can become strained.  We have made a point of finding shows to watch with our boys each week.  Not only does it force us to be in the same room, it gives us a common language.  Quoting a catch phrase or comparing a behavior to a character can diffuse a tense teenage moment. 

Fortunately for me, my boys have good taste in television shows.  During the election, The Colbert Report and The Daily Shows were mainstays.  We love Mythbusters, Time Warp, and Nova.  Survivor and Lost are our guilty pleasures.  We chat about the show or it will remind someone of something that happened during the day.  The key is not be a passive TV watcher.  Use the show as a catalyst for conversation.  I can find a teachable moment in just about any show, but most of all, I enjoy just hanging out with my guys.  We never seem to run out of things to discuss.

Oops…it is almost Tyra Time… gotta run across the street… 

PS:  If anyone knows where I can find some ANTM fabric, let me know! 

6 Responses to "Tyra Time"

Now that my television can be on other channels besides Disney and Nick at Night, I am too, enjoying television with my girls. Actually the twins are the only ones at home but we enjoy, NCIS, Mentalist to name a couple. We chat about the plot. Also, one other favorite is House Hunters on HGTV, we love to pick our favorite house. Now my 19 yo, likes Top Model, too.

I love your approach! I’ll keep my eye out for some ANTM fabric! Or we should request Tyra design some. She is so beautiful.

Great arguements Teri. I agree, I enjoy my tv time, and it helps me to escape the rough moments of my day. Absolutely love LOST! One of the only tv shows me and my husband watch together. I cannot wait until our children can join us. I remember those moments with my parents and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Yes! I wholeheartedly endorse your TV viewing philosophy.

My brother’s firm is designing an apartment for Tyra (I think his partner is the main guy on the project). She’s a very nice normal gal, apparently.

I watch the Daily Show/Colbert Report reruns at 2:00 every day before my youngest gets off the bus. One of my guilty pleasures.

As in most things, moderation is key.

OMG! How much fun would that be! I bet she has a fantastic apartment.

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