Who is That Masked Man?

Posted on: 30 April, 09


This flu frenzy is really nothing to laugh about, but this made me laugh out loud, literally.  I love the pig mask.  I saw this on Noquedanblogs.  They find some great stuff on the internet. 

Of course, my mind immediately went to sewing.  Think of the fabulous custom face masks we could make with the fabrics in our stash! 

Then reality hit me.  If the Center for Disease Control says that the medical masks from the drugstore don’t really work against this flu, then certainly the cute ones I could make at home won’t do much either.  Rats!  I had plans for machine embroidery designs, rhinestones, and lace trims.  Just think of the potential.

Hubski was in New York last week.  A few days ago, he called me from work to say he wasn’t feeling well.  As he described his symptoms, I happened to be watching the news.  They flashed up a graphic with the symptoms of swine flu.  Fever, aches, fatigue…  Check, check, check… For a half of a second, I thought, “Dude, if you are responsible for bringing this flu to our state…I do not want to be responsible for shutting down our school…”  Though, again, think of the sewing we could do if we were quarantined for a couple weeks.  As it turns out, he has a simple cold.  He is whining, but he is fine. 

It is a sign of some sort of illness that I can turn a worldwide health crisis into a sewing opportunity? 

5 Responses to "Who is That Masked Man?"

You’re too funny. No, I don’t think it’s twisted thinking to see how one could use that opportunity to sew. I totally get it. I am just having issues getting into motion.

ROTFLOL! I probably would think the same about being a sewing opportunity – maybe I’d better check my supply of sewing machine needles! Here, though, I’m almost obligated to keep working. They will probably require that we carry our work laptops back and forth each day/night.

I’m wondering if the masks will become a fashion statement?

Teri, I would think you could turn ANYTHING into a sewing opportunity! 🙂

You and me both. I’m in NZ – 2 Teachers from my kids highschool came back from Mexico last weekend and have since been placed in quarantine as a precaution because they were on one of the planes where there have been suspected cases. This was after they’d spent a day at school doing prep work for the new term. We were warned that if they showed any symptoms, the school would be closed and all kids and their families placed in quarantine. After the initial panic of “I can’t – I’ve got university assignments to do!” I realised I’d get extensions and it would give me the chance to sew.
I think that by the time this flu burns out, we’re all going to be well on our way to being hyperchondriacs!

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