Fabulous Friday

Posted on: 1 May, 09


Little Miss Sew n Sew wrote a great post about what is fabulous in her life.  I had a rather fabulous Friday, too.  Here is what is fabulous in my life: 

1.  Hello Kitty – I found this image of Hello Kitty looking rather fierce.  Something about her always makes me smile. 

2.  My classes today were very well behaved.  Even though we were doing boring test prep, they participated and no one gave me attitude. 

3.  The weather was blissfully warm.  I was able to sit outside for lunch and enjoy the sunshine. 

4. I have incredibly, wonderful sons who are becoming fine, young men.  Even though they are teenagers, we still laugh and talk and enjoy each other’s company. 

5.  After dinner, a few neighbors chatted outside in the cul de sac. We have great neighbors who I can count on for a laugh and help when things get tough. 

6.  My neighbor’s dog loves me.  Since we can’t have a dog due to allergies, she is my surrogate dog.  This evening, she would not leave my side to go for her walk.  I finally had to go with her.  Doggie devotion is good for the ego. 

7.  Hubski would spoil me rotten if I let him.  You have seen the fabric he buys for me.  I have to be careful about saying “Oh, I want that” because he will buy it for me.  Fun for me, but not so much for the bank account. 

8.  I am never bored.  At times, it is frustrating to have more ideas than time.  However, I cannot imagine sitting around with nothing to do.  I never want for entertainment. 

9.  My family is supportive of my creative endeavors.  They appreciate what I do for them and, in turn, want me to take time to do things that make me happy. 

10.  Summer vacation is less than six weeks away.  Weeks of unplanned, unstructured time.  Bliss.

What is fabulous in your life?


4 Responses to "Fabulous Friday"

Wow Teri, you did have a great Friday. I did too, but I don’t have the energy or the time to post about it. (WAH!) I guess that is not what counts. Have a great weekend.

My husband is still with me today, despite numerous critical health problems. I have learned to live one day at a time.

I have a wonderful daughter, SIL and two adorable grandsons, all who love me, warts and all.

I owe no one anything, moneywise.

My sewing hobby helps keep my mind sharp, and destress at the same time.

I have sewing clubs that give me a social outlet and a church to go to find peace.

I have been blessed.

I think attitude makes such a difference. We all struggles in our lives, but it is how we respond to them that defines us. Looking for the good things makes the bad things more manageable.

Thanks for sharing!

Let’s see, what is fabulous in my life at the moment?

My family is healthy, DH and I have pretty secure jobs, we have a roof over our heads and food in the pantry. We have fun together as a family but also respect each others’ need to “do their own thing.”

The rain has stopped and the sun is out!

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