Feeling Crafty

Posted on: 5 May, 09

Necessity is the mother of invention, or so the saying goes.  Sometimes, necessity is the motivation someone needs to get crafty.  I need to bring the DVD of C’s cooking video tomorrow, but we are out of those little paper storage envelopes.  Then I remember seeing a tutorial for making one.  A quick search of my Evernote files and I was happily folding my own envelope.   I love Evernote for its ability to store all the nifty things I find on the internet. 

The little envelopes are so easy to make.  This would be a great way to wrap a CD or DVD for a gift.  Think of all the pretty papers you could use!  A child could have fun decorating the paper. 


health update:  Both boys are still sick.  No better, but no worse either.  I strongly suspect they will be out of school for the whole week. 


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