If You Can Read This…

Posted on: 6 May, 09

…hug a teacher, but not in a weird, creepy way.  Here are some ideas for teacher gifts.  Honestly, most teachers really do love getting heartfelt notes from parents and students.  Gift cards always rock.  The candles, lotions, and coffee mugs… not so much. 

My neighbor is the librarian of an elementary school.  She told me about two cards she received today.  The child proudly announced that she made the card *all by herself*.  The cover has a drawing of two people in the library on the cover.  Inside, in big kindergarten letters, it reads, “Have a Day!”  No designation of what kind of day to have, just have one.  The second card was from a charming little boy.  It was inscribed, “I love checking out your books.”  When she read it, without her glasses, she thought the second to last letter in “books” was another b instead of a k. 


3 Responses to "If You Can Read This…"

LOL!!! Love it 😀

“Have a Day” has a sort of zen quality to it. I think the child has a future in designing really arty cards.

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