Testing, 1, 2, 3

Posted on: 7 May, 09

My apologies for the lack of sewing lately.  Testing season has officially begun.  That is all I have done this week.  Well, that and tending to sick boys.  I had not really noticed how much the boys help out around the house.  Suddenly, this week I had to do everything.  Usually, they are not both sick at the same time.  Even though I have to pick up some of the slack, the healthy one steps up his game a bit too, so it isn’t so bad for either of us.  This week has been insane.  Testing all day, then coming home to do all the laundry, dishes, sweeping, garbage duties, etc.  How did I do this when they were too small to help?  I am spoiled. 

Good news on the health front.  J is feeling better today.  He might even try to go to a few classes tomorrow. Woo hoo!  If C’s illness follows the same course, he should be better over the weekend.  He needs to be better by the weekend because he starts testing Monday morning.  Make ups are a pain for everyone. 

This evening, I took twenty minutes and worked on a skirt.  I hoped to get it finished tonight to wear to school tomorrow.  Not happening.  However, this weekend, I will sew.  I need  to sew.  Testing drains me.  Sewing recharges me. 


1 Response to "Testing, 1, 2, 3"

Are you thinking about me when you write this? I am so exhausted every night that even when I hear the sound of the serger, I catch myself falling asleep. LOL.
However, I have managed to slowly but surely get one house project done a day and then spend at least an hour on the machine. This keeps me sane and happy!
Hope all is well again soon. I just heard tonight that we have our first case of the swine flu in the next county! Oh goodness!

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