I’ve Got an Idea

Posted on: 8 May, 09

I have loved white boards since back in the day when they were considered “high tech,” back before they replaced those dust producing chalk boards in classrooms, when they were new and innovative.  Dry erase makers come in such fantastic colors, so much better than chalk.  The idea of drawing all over the walls makes my inner child squeal in delight.


Isn’t this an amazing conference room?  Can you imagine the brainstorming sessions if you could write all over the walls?  The brown swirly border is just the perfect touch of whimsy. 

Now, imagine a whole wall in your sewing room where you can jot, scribble, sketch, plan, and doodle your sewing ideas.  Imagine using all of those fantastic colors of dry erase markers.  There are so many more than just black, red, blue, and green.  The office supply is my second favorite place to browse.  (Do I need to say that the fabric store is number one?)

The walls in the conference room are painted with IdeaPaint.  It turns any relatively smooth wall into a durable white board.  Awesome.  I have looked for a very large white board for my sewing room, but have been put off by the tacky aluminum frames.  Then there was the thought of reframing a very large white board with a nice frame, but I *love* the idea of no borders.  The frame says to me, “I am putting your ideas in a box.”  It is too confining.  A whole wall tells me the sky (or ceiling) is the limit. 

As much as I hate white walls, I would love to have several walls in my house painted with IdeaPaint.  They would be perpetual murals, changing with the moods of our family.  In our old house, there was a small section of wall in the kitchen that I used as a canvas for the boys.  Every few months, I would pull out paints and let them paint whatever they wanted.  When we got tired of it, I would paint over it and let them go at it again.  We need another wall (or two) like that. 


3 Responses to "I’ve Got an Idea"

Do you know you can write on glass with dry erase markers? You could hang up some big sheets of class over your painted walls and write on them. Not sure how expensive or heavy that would be. 🙂

That’s cool. I used to work at a company who had the walls in conference rooms done like that. It was kinda weird, but good, unless you leaned against the wall in white pants. Then it wasn’t so good. 🙂

Teri..what a great idea!

I hadn’t heard of this kind of paint…cool!

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