Damp Squid

Posted on: 9 May, 09


Damp Squid: the English Language Laid Bare               by Jeremy Butterfield


The title of this book caught my eye at the library.  J has always had a fondness for cephalopods.  Upon discovering it was about the evolution of language, I knew I had to check it out for J… and for myself.  We both have an odd fondness for all things linguistic. 

Damp Squid did not disappoint.  It was a fascinating look at the evolution of the English language.  How do words change their meanings over time?  How do new words get incorporated into the language?  How do we decide which words we will borrow from another language?  How do we change those words to suit our needs?  However, if verb conjugations don’t make you squeal, large portions of this book just might cure your insomnia.  We loved it, but we are weird.  :)   Your mileage may vary.

Aside from finishing this book, I neglected the household chores in favor of a little sewing.  I hemmed a skirt for a friend and finished a skirt for me.  Our husbands have planned a “surprise” afternoon outing for us tomorrow.  We are feigning ignorance so they can have the fun of surprising us.  Don’t they know by now that moms know everything?  We have that spidey-sense that alerts us to any shenanigans being planned.  Besides, someone called to confirm my massage appointment.  There was a long awkward pause, then she said, “Ohwaitwrongnumbersorrybye.”  Dial tone.  Yeah, wrong number. 

My Mother’s Day lunch will have to be postponed.  C is still sick.  J is all better.  Even if C wakes up feeling better, I still don’t want him to go out.  He is suppose to start the state mandated end of year testing on Monday morning.  Hubski said we go without him, but how could I even think about a Mother’s Day lunch with one boy at home sick… and by himself.  That just seems wrong.  I would rather have PB&J at home, but with both of my boys.  We can do lunch another day.  Now, if Hubski were feeling guilty and wanted to make it up with breakfast in bed… 


5 Responses to "Damp Squid"

I hope you have a great Mom’s day! Enjoy it, no matter how it is spent. You deserve it!

Ye-he-he-hes. This book sounds right up my alley.

-Mary, secretly in love with verb conjugations

There’s always carry out! Happy Mother’s Day – hope C feels better tomorrow!

I know exactly how you feel. The day is about loving and being loved by your children. The “where” isn’t important. Hope you had a great day.

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