Mother’s Day

Posted on: 10 May, 09

I spent several hours in my sewing room today.  Unfortunately, quite a few of those hours were before dawn.  I caught up on paperwork, read some blogs, sifted through my email inbox.  When the guys rolled out of bed around 9:30, they were disappointed that they did not get to do the whole “breakfast in bed.”  I told that I had been up for five and half.  It was lunch time according to my internal clock.  Despite my snarkiness, they prepared a lovely breakfast. 

Going out for lunch was not an option.  C is still sick.  (Mysterious rash has now been added to the list of symptoms.)  A friend tried to convince me that we could go out to lunch anyway and just leave C at home.  No way would I go out for Mother’s Day lunch and leave a sick boy at home.  It was a guy friend who offered that ridiculous idea.  A mom would never say that.  We can go to lunch another day.

After lunch, Hubski said we needed to go for a ride.  Since I knew about the “surprise” massage, I protested enough to make it look real.  He never suspected a thing.  Hubski and Dr E from across the street cooked up the idea to drive me and BookGoddess to massage place separately, to add to the surprise.  She, apparently, had no clue whatsoever.  The massage was lovely, until she hit the incredibly tender spot on my IT band.  After the massage therapist peeled me off the ceiling, we had to start the whole relaxation thing over again.  Despite that little snag, it helped loosen up some muscles that have been overly tense from daily pain. 

There was cake, a yummy lemon charlotte.  Based on the logo on the box, I know Hubski paid way too much for it.  Bakery options in our area are grim.  There is the local supermarket or a uber-chic grossly over priced specialty food store. 

The boys were very sweet to me all day.  C said he had hoped his gift would be getting healthy again.  Poor guy.  I already have plans to call the doctor in the morning.

My sewing time was spent cleaning up the sewing room.  I can’t work in a messy space.  I did a little planning and playing with fabrics.  I started a project.  There is not much to show for the day, but it felt good to just putter around the sewing room.  The week ahead is a busy one, so it was nice to not feel the pressure of a deadline or the need to produce. 


3 Responses to "Mother’s Day"

I’m like you – I can’t sew in a messy space. Sounds like you had a wonderful time today, and I hope C gets to feeling better soon!

I’m sorry you’re still hurting Teri. Your guys sound the perfect sort to have around though! 🙂
Good luck with your busy week.

My girls had this and when the rash appeared it was determined that they had 5th disease. Their school ha a case that went through the classrooms like crazy this spring. Once the rash appears they are no longer contagious. Hope C starts feeling better soon

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