School Days

Posted on: 11 May, 09

As we were trying to get the students to clear their desks for the state mandated testing, I notice student fiddling with his gym bag.  Most of our students carrying their gym clothes in those little drawstring backpacks.  This was not idle fiddling.  He was sewing!  With a real needle and actual thread!  He took the sculpture class in which we made the fleece dolls.  He said ever since I taught him to use a needle and thread, he has been repairing all kinds of things.  Yes!  I was practically skipping for the rest of the morning, gleeful in the knowledge that he has incorporated that lesson into his regular life. 

J is reading Romeo and Juliet, but not one of the more “modernized” versions.  He asked for help in deciphering one of the scenes he missed when he had the flu.  It was the scene where Romeo does not get the message that Juliet is going to fake her death, so he thinks she is really dead and plans to kill himself.  J said, “You know, if they had Twitter, this whole mess could have been avoided.  She could have twittered: faking my death.  play along.  get details from @Friar.” 

C did not make it to school today (6 days absent and counting), but he did make it to the doctor.  Pneumonia, but “yay” for antibiotics.  The rash is a mystery, but the doctor and I hope the antibiotics will kill that too. 


3 Responses to "School Days"

Sorry to hear about C and the pneumonia. That is scary stuff. The antiobio will help I’m sure. Praying for his speedy recovery.

Love the twitter dialog. Love it.

So sorry your son is still sick. The antibiotics will do the trick. Yay for the kid sewing his gym bag! Kids need to learn life skills. Hooray for teachers!

I laughed at your son’s twitter message.

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