Instant Gratification

Posted on: 12 May, 09

It has been a long week, and it is only Tuesday.  Testing always drains me.  Finding out that C has pneumonia drained me a tad.  After dinner, I decided the spreadsheets and research could wait.  I. Needed. To sew.  A quick and easy project was required.  The Monaco Tee pattern has been sitting in my “new patterns waiting to be tried” basket for ages.  I don’t even remember buying it, that’s how long it has been.  One hour from start to finish.  That is one hour from deciding to use the pattern to snipping the last thread. 

Sorry, but there will not be a modeled photo tonight.  I am already in my jammies and have no interest in putting on real clothes until tomorrow morning.  It looks better on me than on the dress form, but the dress form is all you get for now. 

This is a fantastic alternative to the basic t-shirt.  The neckline makes it just a bit more special.  It would be lovely under a jacket, but pretty enough to wear on its own.  I plan to wear it tomorrow with a pair of charcoal pants.  Because the air conditioning is unpredictable at school, I will toss a little black cardigan in my bag. 

Since, I know someone will ask, the fabric is a lycra jersey knit from JoAnn Fabrics.  It is buttery soft, so nice that I was surprised to find it at JoAnn’s.  The color is deep raspberry, again, so beautiful that I was shocked to find it at JoAnn’s. 

I will try to post a modeled photo soon.  It will not happen tomorrow because tomorrow is wildly overbooked.  The impending craziness is what prompted me to make a new something, a little treat. 


8 Responses to "Instant Gratification"

Love that color. I may do some destressing in the sewing room tonight while Bigggest Loser finale is on. I dunno.

Teri, the Monica Tee is great! I have made several of them. You are right that they are so easy, take just a little fabric, and for me they work great under a lab coat with slacks or a skirt. Hope C. gets better really soon — poor baby!

i absolutely ADORE that colour!

I have that fabric too! I was surprised to find it at Joann’s. It’s a great color, and what a great pattern for it. Sorry to hear you still have a sick boy, but at least the meds should help now.

Sometimes, we just need a little sewing “fix”. Your top is a great color! I find things at JoAnns now and then that are quite nice, usually in the bargain bin section, digging through a lot of junk fabric.

nice Tee…who makes the pattern?

It is the Monaco Tee from Textile Studios.

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