The Things You Learn in School

Posted on: 14 May, 09

Last week, when I subbed in Spanish class, the students were sharing their “cooking show” projects.  They had to videotape themselves preparing a traditional Puerto Rican recipe.  It was a yummy day because they also had to bring in samples of the recipes.  In one video, I noticed the student cracked the egg with the edge of a knife.  In another video, I saw the same thing and commented to the students that I had never seen someone crack an egg that way.  Then, in the video, the student used chopsticks to scramble the egg.  I was amazed at how well it worked.  According to the Asian students in the class, that is “the way Asian’s do it.”  (Asians comprise about 30% of our student population.)  They said that cracking the egg with knife keeps eggshell bits out of the bowl and it gives a cleaner break, further decreasing the chance of getting shell in the mix. 

Since C is finally starting to get his appetite back, I let him select the dinner menu tonight.  He asked for eggs and hash browns.  Perfect opportunity to try my newfound culinary tricks.  Folks, it works like a charm.  The eggs cracked cleanly, did not even get egg white on my fingers because it cracked so nicely.  Scrambling the eggs with chopsticks was equally amazing.  I continued using the chopsticks while the eggs were cooking.  Awesome. 

Ok, some of you are probably laughing that I am so easily awed by basic cooking techniques.  Sorry, it was new information to me.  I can crack an egg with one hand and make a cheesecake so good it will make you weep, so it’s not like I am totally inept.  Nonetheless, I always love learning a new, and hopefully better, way of doing things. 

It is a little thing, but definitely one of things I love about our schools.  We have students from all over the globe.  You can’t help but pick up these little gems every day.  Lunch boxes in the cafeteria hold everything from sushi to goulash to kimchi.  A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is actually rather rare. 


3 Responses to "The Things You Learn in School"

i agree with your students. chopsticks to scramble eggs is how my mum does it too. chopsticks are utilised in practically everything in the kitchen – they are very versatile.

but i also have not heard of using a knife to crack an egg. how do you do it? hold the egg in one hand, knife in the other? i’m imagining lots of trips to ER.

put the egg on a chopping board? get the knife and ..wham? I’m imagining lots of egg whites on the floor….

put the knife blunt side down on the table and drop the egg over? again, lots of egg whites on the floor..

=/ i’m having a hard time visualising this! more details pls? i’d love to impress the hubby with cracking eggs with a knife! I’ve started making icecream lately and the recipes call for egg yolks only, so i’d love to learn a new way to crack eggs without getting shell in the bowl.

To crack the egg with a knife, hold the egg in the palm of one hand. With the other hand, use the sharp edge of a knife to give the egg a sharp rap. I tried both a butter knife and a sharp knife. I liked the sharp knife better.

Loved your description of the possible scenarios. Very amusing!

ok thanks for clearing that up. i will have to give it a go soon. although i still have 4 egg whites sitting in the fridge.. not sure if i want to make macaroons again.

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