(Rain) Check, Please

Posted on: 15 May, 09

Forty-five.  I can no longer claim “my early forties.”  I am smack dad in the middle.  That means “late forties” is right around the corner.  How did that happen, because I still don’t feel like a grown up. 

Festivities were put on hold.  Hubski is out of town.  C is still recovering.  J is still digging out of make up from when he was sick.  The boys were very sweet to me all day.  I got lots of Facebook wishes.  There were pretty cards in my mailbox.  I went to a dance performance at the high school. Not a bad day. 

The guys got me a great gift, but I will share that another day.  Right now, I want to curl up in bed with chocolate almond biscotti, a cup of cafe con leche, and watch The Fashion Show


9 Responses to "(Rain) Check, Please"

Happy Birthday Teri!

Happy Birthday Teri !

Mine is today!

ahem…if you feel nostalgic about your “early 40’s”…just wait until you hit 50, LOL!

Hapy belated birthday! You’re still a young un’. Believe me, the next years will fly by. Time seems to past faster the older you get. Doesn’t seem fair!

You’ve been given the “Attitude of Gratitude Award” by–me. Drop by my blog and pick it up whenever you want.

Happy birthday, Teri. Hope it was a good one and that you will be celebrating all weekend!

Hope you had a very Happy Birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday, Teri!

Your post made me laugh. I turned 46 in March and realized I am now closer to 50 than 40. Darn it!

Happy Birthday. Hope you had a belated celebration!

Happy Belated Birthday – I’m trying to do some blog catchup and am sorry I missed sending well wishes on your day. Hope it was a good one!

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