Center Stage

Posted on: 16 May, 09

I am often asked, “What is your favorite thing you have ever sewn?”  My response is always, “Usually it is the last thing I have sewn.”  I like having new things to wear, but the issue goes a little deeper than that.  I like having new ideas and seeing those ideas come to fruition.  So, this is my new favorite skirt. 

The fabric is the under layer of the silk skirt Hubski bought for me on a trip to Asia last year.  The original skirt had the border positioned vertically, but I wanted it along the hem.  The pattern is design #9 from the 02/06 issue of Ottobre Woman.  The yoked waist band hugs the body so nicely.  The simple design allows the beauty of the fabric to take center stage. 

I wore this skirt to school on Friday and received several compliments from teachers, as well as students.  I am always taken aback when students compliment my clothing.  It is middle school, the age where students think anyone over the age of 21 is lame and weird.

I am not surprised the students notice what a teacher is wearing.  The teacher is center stage in the classroom.  How many times do I say, “All eyes up here.  Turn around and look up here.”  There are days I practically beg them to pay attention to me.  (Not because I am vain, only to get them to learn something.)  However, to have a preteen compliment an adult, willingly, is a little odd.  Eye rolling is the more common response. 


3 Responses to "Center Stage"

You know you’ve got something special when a kid remarks in a kind way! Cute skirt!

The students are right, it is a very cute skirt.

I just LOVE this skirt !

(and you look fabulous, as always….)

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