La Vida Loca

Posted on: 19 May, 09

This week is Spanish Spirit Week at the middle school.  The students in the Spanish classes participate by wearing the colors of the flags of Spanish speaking countries.  There are different countries (color schemes) for each day.  The Spanish teachers “bribe” them with a few points of extra credit.  There is also a huge soccer match against the German, Latin, and French students. 

It happens every year in May.  I have known about this for four years, since J started middle school.  Yet, every year I am shocked when I get the flyer with the color scheme schedule.  “What?!? You need a green shirt?  Really?”  Remember, I have boys, boys who wear black, grey, navy, khaki.  Flags are usually bright colors.  Green, yellow, and white are always the stumbling block for us.  Every year, for the last four years.  If I were a smart girl, I would have learned to plan ahead after the first year.  But, um… no. 

It was Sunday night, literally hours before C needed to wear green, white, and red in honor of the Mexican flag, and I had not even begun to adapt the plain green purchased from Target the weekend before.  My original plan was to just sew a piece of white fabric to make a stripe across the chest.  That would have been simple and fast.  But, I like to add a little drama to the day.  “Hey, I’ve read about a nifty way to use waxed paper to make a stencil.  Let’s do that!”  C is always up for trying a new project.  We did have the good sense to stick with a simple design.  We enlarged a font on the computer, printed it out, traced it onto the waxed paper, and cut it out with a craft knife.  When I started ironing the stencil onto the t-shirt, the words “freezer paper” popped into my head.  Freezer paper, not waxed paper. Doh!  The waxed paper just did not stick.  It curled up.  Not to be deterred, I held done the waxed paper with my fingers around each letter as C painted.  Messy, messy, messy.

I held my breath the whole time.  I had visions of the paint seeping under the stencil, a blobby mess.  When the painting was done, we slowly lifted the waxed paper.  Fabulous!  The next day, no one at school could believe the shirt was not professionally silk screened. 

Freezer paper has been added to the grocery list.  We both have big plans for other projects.  This is soooo incredibly easy to do, even with the wrong materials.  The only paint we had in the house was ordinary acrylic pant.  I thinned it with a little bit of water.  The paint dried quite stiff, but since it is just lettering, it is not too bad.  I suspect it will soften a bit after washing.  I did heat set it with the iron to prevent fading when it is washed.  Since it was intended to be a one shot deal, we won’t be crushed if it washes out or fades.  There is a product called “textile medium” that can be added to acrylic paints so they can be used a fabric paints.  Textile medium has been added to my craft store shopping list. 


5 Responses to "La Vida Loca"

That’s really too cool. When you get the stuff from the craft store, can you post pics? Then I know what to go get too. 🙂

Looks great! In my experience if it does anything it will crack. I’ll bet the thinning helps a lot with that though.

Too Cool…..looks fab !

Oh, I am jealous that you can get Reynolds Freezer Paper so easily. In Oz I have to buy it from the craft store for about $2.40 AUD. Ouch! If I keep using heaps of the stuff I’ll have to find a way to import it from the USA!

The shirt looks fantastic. Oh the possibilities…

fiona, if you ever want me to pick up a bunch and mail it to you, let me know. i just bought a roll that is 18″ by 33 yards, for about $6. paper is rather heavy so i have no idea what shipping would be. just let me know.

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