Norwegian Nugget

Posted on: 20 May, 09

Thanks to the flu that turned into pneumonia, C missed two weeks of school.  He has spent the last three days making up the state mandated testing he missed.  There are some classes he has not attended for almost three weeks.  Every time I see one of his teachers, I am handed another assignment for him to complete at home.  He is also trying to study for his final exams.  Poor kid drowning in work. 

Last night, he was researching for a mini-project about an inventor from the industrial revolution.  He chose Johann Vaaler, the inventor of the paper clip.  Well, that is actually the subject of debate.  Yes, people debate things like “who invented the paper clip.”  Anyway, it is a fairly interesting story.  During World War II, the Nazis forbade the Norwegians from wear buttons with the image of their king, who the Nazis exiled.  As a form of protest, Norwegians began wearing paper clips in their lapels.  Who knew the Norwegians were such a spunky group or that the ubiquitous paper clip was once part of a political statement.  The paper clip is such a part Norwegian history that they erected a sculpture of a giant paper clip in Oslo. 

This is just the kind of weird trivia that we love.  School projects usually get on my nerves, but once in a while, a beautiful little nugget of trivia is unearthed. 


1 Response to "Norwegian Nugget"

Who else would post about such craziness? I would like to live in your house for a day! LOL. Poor baby, I feel sorry for your son. It seems as if the kids are getting sicker and sicker these days. I don’t remember being so sick as a kid. Of course, if the parents would keep their kids out of school, we would not have this severity!
Love the paper clip story.

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