The Fashion Show

Posted on: 22 May, 09

In the absence of Project Runway, I wanted to really love The Fashion Show.  It is not horrible, but it is not fantastic either.  Any new show needs a few episodes, or perhaps a whole season, to find its own rhythm.  After three episodes, I am still waiting for The Fashion Show to feel like something other than a Project Runway wannabe.  The dialog between Isaac Mizrahi, Kelly Rowland, and the designers feels so forced, almost like a high school production of Project Runway.  Kelly Rowland has zero personality.  I love Isaac Mizrahi, but he is no Tim Gunn.  There is only one Tim Gunn.  I admit, these are some very big shoes to fill.  They had to know everyone would be comparing this show to PR, and we are.  Bravo might have been better off going in a very different direction. 

I will continue to watch because I have an unnatural affection for reality TV and it is about sewing.  Thus far, the challenges have been more enjoyable for me.  The challenges are more down to earth.  There is no “let’s go to the floral shop so you can make a dress entirely from flowers.”  One of the first challenges on TFS was to take a large black t-shirt and turn it into the a fabulous “little black dress.”  Ok, that’s a challenge that I could do on my own, play along.  There was a mini-challenge where the designers had to specific repairs to a garment within a limited time.  They were judged on speed and quality of the work.  Again, this is a challenge I could try at home.  Sewing skills seem to be a bigger issue on TFS than on PR.  I like that.  To me, a designer who cannot sew is just ridiculous.  A designer has to understand the construction of a garment, how fabrics behave, how to make closures that work.  It would be like me drawing a pretty building and calling myself an architect.  I have no clue as to load bearing walls or roof pitch. 

I miss Tim and Heidi. 


2 Responses to "The Fashion Show"

I watch it only because it involves some sewing. I don’t find it particularly interesting though–just sort of “ho-hum”.

I watch an average of 10 hrs/mth. I watch every episode of PR, and it will be on lifetime network for the new season. So there is hope for us.

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