3, 2, 1…

Posted on: 24 May, 09

I had big plans for this three day weekend.  The sewing I was going to do…  Silly me forgot that it is also a three day weekend for Hubski.  When he is home, I get nothing done.  Things get done, just not the things I want to get done.  He decided we needed to do some gardening.  He is willing to do the work, but needs me to consult every step of the way.  We decided to transplant the monster rosemary bush.  That required deciding where to put in a new garden, the shape of the new garden, and digging the new garden.  It also required a trip to the garden store for more plants and soil. 

The rosemary bush was divided into five pieces.  Everyone on the cul de sac now has a rosemary bush in their yard.  We have two.  The larger one in the new bed, and a smaller piece that we stuck in a dead zone.  We have a spot in the backyard where nothing seems to grow.  If anything can grow, it is this rosemary bush.  We only put a few other plants in the new bed because we have to see what the deer will eat.  If a plant lasts a few days with no deer nibbles, I will go buy a few more. 

Tomorrow is not looking any better for sewing time.  The guys want to see a movie, which means I could do some shopping at the mall at the same time.  Of course, movie at the mall will probably mean having lunch out that way.  A simple movie will turn into all day outing.  We don’t get to the mall area very often.  Ma and Pa Kettle go to town. 

The good news is summer will be here soon.  Two and half more weeks of school, then I am free.  I cut out one little project this evening.  Maybe I can squeeze in a bit of sewing time before the movie. 


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Good that you only have ONE dead zone in your back yard. Unless the area is next to the house or in my imported dirt garden bed, the moles take them. They’ve killed 6 trees on my back fence line – I can just pick them up and there are no roots left. All the mole activity amazes me, since it is solid clay back there.

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