Without a Trace

Posted on: 25 May, 09

How many times have you accidentally gotten paint on your clothes?  You quickly soak it in water with whatever pre-treatment product you can find.  You scrub, you check it carefully before putting in the dryer because we all know heat will set in it permanently.  It has happened to me way too often, and the paint never comes out. 

So why is it when I wanted the paint to stay, it didn’t?  C’s Mexico shirt was a hit at school.  A couple teachers even talked to C about the process because they want to do something similar.  I expected a little fading after laundering.  I did not expect for the paint to disappear.  Completely.  Without a trace.  Gone.  I heat set it, with a very hot iron, for a very long time.  Vanished into thin air.

The good news is we now have a blank t-shirt, ready for a new design.  We picked up freezer paper this weekend.  Textile medium is still on my list for the next trip to the fabric or craft store. 

If that paint had been on my favorite pair of jeans, you just know it would be there for life.  Go figure. 


3 Responses to "Without a Trace"

As luck would have it!

I still stinks that your evening of work was wasted. Did the paint have any setting instructions, or was there an additive that was needed?

Personally, I have had good luck with this on scarves – maybe it would work for you. Have to iron for setting, but not a hard thing to do:

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