Two Weeks Notice

Posted on: 27 May, 09

In fourteen days, summer vacation begins.  Will I last that long?  Yes, I will, but I am not quite sure how.  :)  The last month of school is always insane and exhausting.  It makes us appreciate summer even more. 

The state mandated testing goes on… and on… and on.  Students who don’t pass the test the first time, have to take a second time.  In between, the teachers try to do remediation like crazy.  However, what do you with the large group of students who passed the test while you work with the few who did not?  You get real creative with scheduling.  Since I can’t work full time due to insanely frequent physical therapy appointments, I volunteered to pull students at different times for “mini-lessons.”  These poor students are working so hard.  They do not relish the thought of sitting through a very long test that they found very difficult the first time.  Keeping them motivated and positive is the hardest part. 

The good news is we are making progress.  I have always been a fan of small class size, but days like this just make it undeniable that we will see far better results from our students if we reduce class size.  Students who never speak up in a class of thirty are so vocal in a smaller group.  It has been exciting to see students expressing ideas and taking the risk to answer questions.  When in a large class, these are the students who are likely to be acting out or staring out the window.  The students were thrilled when suddenly the material started to make sense.  I so want them to pass their tests next week, not so much so that we can check that off the list, but I want them to see that they can do it.  I want them to experience that sense of accomplishment and success. 

So, while I barely have time to put a thought together, it is worth it to see these students grow and learn.  This afternoon, I ignored the laundry and took fifteen minutes to sew.  The to-do list is still a mile long, but I needed that little treat.  Maybe I will have a photos of completed project sometime in the near future. 


2 Responses to "Two Weeks Notice"

Take it from me, whatever you do, schedule some fun time in your day. It makes a world of difference!
Good for you. I was always terrible in Math, until I got a fantastic professor in college, who was determined to help me understand what I could never comprehend. After getting an A in his class, I went on to take more Math classes, and enjoyed every one of them. I owe it all Mr. Marshall, and I will never forget him. I am sure they will say the same about you one day. That deserves a Best Teacher award.

You are such a good teacher. I agree about small class sizes. I think I was fortunate to have the ultimate small class size in English Lit in HS. I was the ONLY student. And man, did I do great in passing my A levels in England. 🙂

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