Posted on: 28 May, 09


A few weeks ago, Evernote for Blackberry was announced.  I was crushed when I found out that it was only available for newer model Blackberries.  I love Evernote and I love my Blackberry.  The two together would be bliss beyond description. 

This afternoon, I came home fighting off a migraine, which might have something to do with trying to review an entire year’s worth of science curriculum in only three days.  Anyway, my Twitter feed provided just the little pick-me-up I needed.  Evernote has been released for the Curve.  Woo hoo!  I almost sprained a finger trying to upload so fast. 

In addition to the Ottobre pattern database, my other Evernote file has become the dumping ground for any bit of data I encounter.  The beauty of Evernote is that I do not have to organize it.  When I add a note, I just tag it appropriately.  When I want to find all the nifty baby gift tutorials and ideas I have found when strolling around the internet, I simply search for the “baby gift” tag.  Evernote is so lovely that even if I forget to tag something, it will search the notes for the words “baby” and “gift” for possible matches.  It will even search the text in photos.  How wickedly cool is that? 

I have already been taking photos of things and emailing them to my Evernote database.  Now, with the Evernote app on my phone, I can dump photos directly into Evernote.  I can add text notes.  I can search for notes from my phone.  The coolness is almost too much to bear.   


3 Responses to "Notable"

What a geek! I mean that in a good way. 😉

So I set up an account, but I don’t get it. What do you use it for? I have the Iphone, and I use it for everything, so I guess I need to see some detailed pages to understand what this is about. I am sure you can help me there!

Technology scares me. I don’t even know how to send a text message, LOL !

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