Fawning over Flora

Posted on: 29 May, 09

This will never be a gardening blog.  I kill most plants simply by looking at them.  My gardening philosophy is “Plant it, ignore it.”  Only the strong will survive.  It is very Darwinian, but I am a big fan of evolution. 

We had a hydrangea at our old house.  It was taller than I.  The previous owner said the key with hydrangeas is to leave them alone.  No pruning, no cutting back.  They thrive on being ignored.  Clearly, my kind of plant.  We planted one a few years after we moved into this house.  Every winter, it looks dead and pathetic, but with the first warm days, little green buds sprout on those dead stalks.  By late May, this is what greets visitors to my front porch:

Around the same time we planted the hydrangea, we also planted a weeping cherry tree.  A couple years ago, there was a wicked storm that almost killed the tree.  It lost lots of branches and leaned at a 75 degree angle.  It did not look too healthy last year.  I was surprised when it was full of blossoms this spring.  This afternoon, as I was watering the transplanted rosemary bush, something red caught my eye. 

Our cherry tree is making cherries!!  I thought weeping cherry trees were strictly ornamental.  I had no idea it would actually produce fruit. Ok, it is teeny tiny fruit. Closer inspection revealed several more little cherries in progress.  Like a total geek, I called the boys and Hubski to come outside and look.  It’s a miracle!!  Our little cherry is so content and healthy that it is trying to make baby cherry trees. 

Sorry for going on and on, but to the person who can kill ivy, this is big news. 


7 Responses to "Fawning over Flora"

I am green with envy over your hydrangea. It is beautiful. I have planted several, but our whole yard is shady and I think they need sun.

i think they need sun, too. the spot where ours is gets lots and lots of sun.

Your garden looks beautiful! I think that you can change the color of hydrangea blossoms (from blue to pink) by adding different fertilizers or chemicals to the soil. If you try this, please blog about it. I find it fascinating that it would be that simple to change the colors.

Wow! That’s a great cherry tree… and beautiful blooms on your hydrangea.

Can you come to my house and kill the ivy? Please?

Great job! This is just a beautiful hydrangea. I can plant and keep flowers and my attempt at a hydrangea bit the dust the first winter. Way cool on the cherry trees.

I hear ya! If it grows, I can kill it. I’ve seriously thought about planting plastic flowers outside.

I bought an Endless Summer Hydrangea last weekend and planted it. Had forgotten about your blog. Glad to hear it takes care of itself. Wonder if it holds up well to dogs running around it too. LOL. Hope mine looks as great as yours in a couple years.

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