Hello, June

Posted on: 1 June, 09

A friend gave me this calendar last year as a little “pick-me-up” after my knee surgery.  It is gift that keeps on giving because each month, I so enjoy turning over a new page.  When I am on a long, stressful call, gazing upon Her Royal Kittyness always makes me smile.  Isn’t that hair fantastic? 

I am especially happy about June because it means summer vacation is within reach.  Seven more days of classes.  I am looking forward to big, blank spaces on my calendar. 

Aside from being desperate for summer vacation, I get an odd little sense of delight when a new month begins.  It is a chance to start again, fresh.  New Year’s Day doesn’t do much for me.  A year is too much to consider all at once, but a month is manageable.  I can think about what I have to do this month; “this year” is simply overwhelming. 

Speaking of overwhelming, today’s testing session lasted six hours.  The test is designed (in theory) to take two and half hours.  However, the state says a student can request extra time.  Basically, as long as the student wants to work, they must be allowed to work, but it must be one continuous testing session.  Short “stretch breaks” are allowed at designated time intervals.  If the testing session extends into the students regular lunch time, the student is allowed to eat lunch, but must be sequestered from other students.  At two and half hours, only about half of my group of thirty students had finished.  We continued for another hour.  A few more finished, so we consolidated with another group who had some students still working.  When lunch time rolled around, the cafeteria sent up their lunches.  They ate quickly and went back to work.  At hour five, we still had about ten students working.  The last one finished at six hours, 40 minutes… only minutes before the school day ended.  I was exhausted.  I can only imagine how the students felt.  Since we are not allowed to look at the test in detail, it is hard to say if the test was just that hard.  Perhaps the students were working slowly to avoid careless mistakes.  Perhaps they did not know the material well enough.  When the scores come back, we will know more.  I hope they all passed because I do not anyone to go through that torture again. 

No sewing tonight.  Too much email.  I am organizing lots of volunteers for the high school.  That project cannot be over soon enough for me.  Oh wait… it will be over on June 10th.  🙂


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