On the Edge

Posted on: 2 June, 09

Going to the mail is a high point of the day.  I am not sure why since it is usually bills or junk mail.  There is always the hope of finding something pretty like this in my mailbox.  This idea could not be simpler, but oh so pretty.  Sweet Tidings put up a tutorial.  Here is the Cliff Notes version:  take bits of leftover lace or ribbon and glue them to the edge of paper using double stick tape.  Easy, but brilliant.  I have several small bits of pretty ribbons and lace that I cannot bear to throw away because they are, well, so pretty.  This is a terrific use for them. 

If you wanted to make a little gift pack for someone, you could stitch up some of these envelopes using thread that coordinates with the color of the ribbon or lace. 

Despite my love of email, IM, and texting, some things need paper and pen.  This idea makes delightful stationary a luxury we can all afford.


2 Responses to "On the Edge"

I’m going to comment on yur love of texting. We don’t text. My son has a DS game based on puzzles. One of the puzzles has a text message that has us stumped. Can you help us? If you want to give it a try, you can email me.

That would make a lovely gift. Find a pretty box for the stationery, some envelopes. Feel free to send it my way!

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