Notes on Evernote

Posted on: 4 June, 09

After my post about the Evernote app for the Blackberry, a few people asked me to explain exactly how I use Evernote.  The short answer is “I use it for everything.”  Okay, that’s cheating.  Here are some examples:

– When I find projects on the internet that I want to try someday, I add the photo and the website addy to a new note.  I add tags like sewing, gift, baby, clothing.  When I need a baby gift, I can search for the notes for anything with those tags. 


– When I buy something or pay a bill online, instead of printing out the receipt, I add the whole page to Evernote.  I have never needed an actual hard copy of a receipt from an online transaction, so it seems silly to waste paper and create clutter. 

– When I am comparison shopping, I create notes for the different options. I create notes of things I see that I might want to buy in the near future.


– When I see an article that looks interesting, but don’t have time to read it at that moment, I send it to Evernote. 


– When I read a book review, it gets added to Evernote. 


– When we are planning a vacation, I can make notes of hotel options or things to do at our destination. 

Now that I have Evernote on my Blackberry, I can collect notes when I am out and about.  Sometimes I see a cute detail or style of clothing at the mall.  I can never remember the schedule for taekwondo classes, so that gets added.  Instead of collecting zillions of business cards, I snap a photo and add it to Evernote.  The eighth grade teachers have a huge whiteboard in their workroom.  It was covered with schedules and notes about end of the year events.  Instead of writing everything down, I snapped a photo.  Instead of keeping all those flyers that come home from school, I add them to Evernote via my computer scanner. 

My boys use Evernote when doing online research for school projects and papers.  J had to do a biography recently.  As he read things on line, he created notes.  As he read books and periodicals, instead of writing his notes on paper, he typed them in Evernote.  He tagged them early life, education, professional life, awards, etc.  Each note contained the information he needed to compile his bibliography.  When he started writing the different sections, he pulled up the notes he tagged for that section.  Both boys have said Evernote makes research projects so much easier to manage. 

Anything that you would normal put on paper, can be stored in Evernote.  Tags are very helpful in organizing your notes.  Evernote is wicked smart.  It will even search the text of your note, even text in photos.  Yep.  If you sanp a photo of a sign, you can then search for words in the photo.  How cool is that?  The only “organizing” you need to do is add tags as you enter notes. 

Now that Evernote is on my Blackberry, the possibilities are unlimited.  What would you use Evernote for? 

2 Responses to "Notes on Evernote"

You are my tech hero ! I am SO lame when it comes to electronic possibilities…..

I agree, you are awesome. Wish I had the initiative to do the same. I’m always losing things that I think I’ve saved. I really don’t even know how to use gmail to it’s utmost.

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