Play Through the Pain

Posted on: 6 June, 09

Despite feeling like bombs are going off in my head, I cannot put down my book, The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb.  I loved his first book, I Know This Much is True, but was less enchanted with She’s Come Undone.  I approached this one somewhat hesitantly, however, I was quickly hooked.  It is a fictionalized version of the Columbine shootings.  Caelum is an English teacher at Columbine and his wife is the school nurse.  On the fateful day, he is in Connecticut to attend the funeral of a relative.  His wife escapes with her life, at least her physical life.  Mentally, she is a mess.  I have had to check the front cover several times to make sure this was fiction.  The details are accurate and believable.  The book is over 700 pages, but I really want to get to the end.  All day it has been a struggle to between the pain in my head and wanting to finish the book.  It has been a while since I have a read a book that has pulled me in so deeply.

Before I got sucked into the book, some progress needed to be made on C’s shirt for the 8th grade awards.  I did the yoke and collar, the hardest parts.  I quite, partially due to feeling too ill to sit up and wanting C to have chance to help with the sewing.  Maybe tomorrow he can finish the rest. 


2 Responses to "Play Through the Pain"

that was such a good book!!!

I read this book. I enjoyed it, except for the (too many) pages of history about the prison. I loved This Much is True.

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