Tug O’ War

Posted on: 7 June, 09

All day has been a tug o’ war.  C’s shirt needs to be finished, but the book is sooooo good… and long.  We had to run out to Walmart to get buttons.  Three police cars are surrounding the entrance, yet I prance right in between them because I. Need. Buttons.  After purchasing my buttons, I see a man slammed against the trunk of one car, getting cuffed.  Nice, huh? 

The buttonholes have been made, but the buttons are not sewn on.  The lure of the book is too much.  I can always sew on the buttons by hand during a planning period tomorrow. 

Ok, gotta go read… I won’t finish tonight, much to my distress, but I have to find out what’s in the trunk…


4 Responses to "Tug O’ War"

Well at least tell us what book you are reading?

The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb

As long as the guy didn’t steal the buttons! What’s in the trunk is yucky!

..Let no man come between a woman and her need for buttons !!!!

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