Bay of Pigs

Posted on: 9 June, 09

There are now confirmed cases of the swine flu at our school.  Absenteeism this week has been at an all time high, close to 15% of the student body.  That is about ten times higher than normal.  It is a very good thing that tomorrow is the last day of school.  As soon as we got into the car, I passed around a bottle of hand sanitizer.  When we got home, we scrubbed like surgeons going into the OR.  Even though we strongly feel the boys have already had it (heck, C might have been patient zero at our school), we are not taking any chances.  If were not for the fact that C will be getting some awards tomorrow, we would just stay home.  They finished up the rehearsal a bit early this afternoon.  C’s homeroom teacher whispered to me, “Off the record, if I were you, I would take him home now, wash thoroughly, and minimize your exposure to this petri dish we call school.” 

Getting home a little early with no homework to deal with was such a treat for all of us.  The boys relaxed.  I started dealing with some of the junk that has been neglected on my desk these last few weeks.  I made such progress that I even cleaned up the remains of making C’s shirt.  My sewing room was ready for a new project!  I decided on a pair of shorts for me.  I need shorts and I need a simple project to ease me back into the sewing rhythm.  I did not get them cut out yet, but they pattern is laid on the fabric, eagerly awaiting my scissors. 

I was asked to sub tomorrow, but I declined.  It is the last day of school so the students will be insane.  No thanks.  It is the Bay of Pigs.  I don’t need to start summer vacation with a fever, chills, and sore throat.  It is the eighth grade awards ceremony.  I sort of want to be there for my boy. 

2 Responses to "Bay of Pigs"

Oh no! You made wise choices, and may will ward off any more flu. Good luck!

How exciting! Your last day of school! What pattern are you using for your shorts?

This is OT and you can delete it. My son finished his DS puzzle game (Professor Layton) thanks to your help. Would your son(s) have any recommendations for similar games for my son?

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