Posted on: 10 June, 09

They say there is a sucker born every minute.  Clearly, Simplicity is banking on this.  This afternoon, I received an email from Simplicity to tell about two amazing new products. 

image The first one is a bias tape maker.  “This amazing machine moves the strip through the tip then under its unique heating element to produce perfectly finished, one-inch wide single-fold bias tape that’s pressed and ready to use when you’re ready to sew.”  The price is $100.  Seriously.  You can buy those little silver tips that fold the fabric for less than $10.  I think an ordinary iron will do the same thing as Simplicity’s “unique heating element.”  Okay, I admit, the little Simplicity gadget is motorized so it feeds the fabric through by itself.  For $100, I can iron my own bias tape, thankyouverymuch. 


imageOf course you still have to cut all of those bias strips to feed through the Bias Tape Machine.  Simplicity offers you the Rotary Cutting Machine for a mere $80.  The ad says, “Order your Rotary Cutting Machine today and take the drudgery out of meticulous cutting prep.”  With a ruler and my manual rotary cutter, I can whack off a bunch a strips in a few seconds.  I cannot imagine this little machine can feed the fabric very accurately.   Even if it can, does thing do enough to justify $80?

I am all for a good gadget.  I love things that make my life easier, but I despise gadgets that cost a lot and don’t really do anything that spectacular.  If someone were arthritic, these things might eliminate some basic prep tasks that would allow the person to spend more time/energy sewing.  For the rest of us, just think of how much fabric we could buy the $180 we won’t spend on these gadgets. 


6 Responses to "Biased"

They’re not even showing bias strips on the cutter- see how the lines are all horizontal? We know that a sewist did not set up that shot! I’ll stick with my rotary cutter, ruler, and little metal thingy.

my, my..what WILL they think of next, LOL!?

Bah! Obviously, someone who NEVER sews is in charge of marketing now, to think that we have a “need” for such machines.
How do we warn all the young sewists before they lose their money?

if you only make a small amount of bias tape I can understand how you might feel this machine could be just another overppriced gadget. but, if you are a quilter and have to make yards and yards of bias tape.. this machine would be a time saver and you wouldn’t have to burn your fingers too!!!

I looked at these new tools also. Passed on them. I do have every size of the bias tape makers, and have used them many times. These may be good tools, but I don’t make enough bias tape to rectify the cost. And, I’d like to see them in action before purchasing.

I was at a quilt shop near my relatives last weekend. The ladies had the fabric cutter on the counter. Apparently they had the bias maker too, but not on display. Her opinion was that for a quilter, the cutter is not accurate enough and they didn’t much care for it. She didn’t seem that impressed with the bias tape maker either, but I didn’t much info on that one.
I think it’s an interesting concept, but just another gadget taking up fabric space IMO. Definitely way too much money for something I can do myself. I’d have to be making a serious amount of bias to consider that gadget, and hope it was accurate.
I did buy one of those clover bias tape makers, but have yet to try it. It always seems like I need to make a different size. I guess I should get trying it already.

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