Resistance if Futile

Posted on: 12 June, 09

I am starting to feel like one of the Borg.  The iontopherisis treatments require sitting in the PT treatment room for 45 minutes while hooked up to a machine that runs electricity through my knee.  I can nap, read, catch up on email on the crackberry, but it is not exactly a great use of my time.  PT guy was very excited today because they got a toy, a portable iontopherisis device.  They put the steroids on the patch, which is wired to a battery pack.  Once the patch is applied, it is hooked up to a charger.  The battery pack charges up in a few minutes, but lasts for hours.  The good news is I can pop in, get dosed and charged up, and be on my way in a matter of minutes.  The bad news is certain muscle movements causes intense shocks.  Ok, and the other negative is the Borg vibe I give off by  wearing electrodes. 

Aside from getting hardwired, quite a bit of the day was devoted to helping my neighbor get ready for her daughter’s high school graduation. There was shopping and cooking to be done.  I made a raspberry cheesecake that looks so yummy I am not sure I can wait until tomorrow to have a slice.  We also picked up some goodies to decorate her car.  My job is to sneak outside in the wee hours of the morning to adorn her car with lots of pink stuff.  The boys and I made a big banner, with Hello Kitty, for the front door. She is going to love it.  Even though all the preparations pulled me away from my sewing machines, it was lots of fun.

Tomorrow will be a sewing day.  Really.  I mean it this time. 


3 Responses to "Resistance if Futile" there any way to network your nifty new med-tech device with your crackberry ? πŸ™‚

…seriously….I hope it helps…..

Or maybe use some of that electricity to power up the sewing machine! Then, sew like the wind!

If you walk around outside in shorts with this one you’re going to have SOME tan line !

And yes, I would so do this – people’s reactions are so funny πŸ™‚ When I had my thyroid removed, they used staples !!! instead of stitches, with instructions to leave it open to the air and NOT cover it up. It made for some interesting looks while wandering around town with about 20 staples across my neck LOL !

Glad you’re not stuck sitting in the PT room anymore.

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