Line Backer

Posted on: 13 June, 09

(If the football analogy is a little off, don’t slam me.  I am not a sporty girl.)

My job tonight was to run interference with the extended family, not my extended family however.  Tonight was my neighbor’s daughter graduation party, which meant a large gathering of extended family.  Anytime two sets of extended family are gathered for a whole weekend of togetherness, a game plan is needed.  My neighbor prepped me on all the parties involved, which topics to avoid and which ones would draw someone into a long conversation. 

My neighbor has three lovely children who are turning into wonderful young adults.  Of course they have their moments.  Growing up is about making mistakes and learning from them.  Overall, the “problems” are more like little annoyances, yet one particular relative can only see the negatives, even seeing problems that do not exist at all.  I made a point of cornering him to go on and on about the many accomplishments and laudable traits of the three children.  I don’t think it will change his behavior, but it felt good to stick up for them anyway. 

This was all quite amusing for me because they are not my relatives.  Other people’s relatives are much less annoying than your own.  The presence of an unrelated party can snap everyone into “best behavior mode.”  No one ended up in tears and no one yelled…  mission accomplished. 


2 Responses to "Line Backer"

Teri, you’re an awesome neighbor!

Did you wear a black and white striped shirt? And carry a whistle?

And are you available for rent? I would love for you to come and ref some of my family gatherings.

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