Vintage Blues

Posted on: 14 June, 09

It takes me a while, but I always follow through.  Here is a photo of the shirt C and I made for his eighth grade awards ceremony. 

The fabric is a cotton from JoAnn Fabrics.  We both liked the watercolor effect.  The pattern is a very old copy of Simplicity 9592.  I bought it years ago to make a present for a friend.  Does that make it “vintage”?  I never once thought that one day I would use to make a shirt for my son.  I knew he had outgrown Ottobre (boo hoo), but when I pulled out this pattern, it looked huge.  As you can see, it is not huge on C.  When did he grow? 

Due to time constraints, C did not help me as much as we wanted.  The shirt had a firm deadline and C had a million other obligations.  He cut it out, sewed the sleeves, side seams, and hems.  This would not have been my choice for his second project on the sewing machine, but sometimes we have to seize teachable moments when they arise.  Now that school is out, we will find some simpler projects. 


5 Responses to "Vintage Blues"

Tell C great job on the shirt.

Very nice looking shirt. Love the fabric.

Wow…. great job on the shirt C !

Great job ‘coaching’ and ‘pinch hitting’ Teri !

( I LOVE that fabric !!!!)

That shirt will be terrific to wear all summer, unless of course, C outgrows it!

Love the fabric! How DO they manage to grow so fast?

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