Paper Pot

Posted on: 15 June, 09

Want. This. Very Much.  I love things that have clean, smooth lines.  With our allergies, we have tissue boxes all over the house.  I hate those ugly boxes.  Even the “pretty” ones are actually ugly because they are so ubiquitous.  This would be so elegant.  It can be used for tissues or toilet tissue.  The paper pot comes in lots of pretty colors.  Here is where you can buy one, if you have an extra $27 cluttering up your wallet.


3 Responses to "Paper Pot"

This would look wonderful on a desk. Small. Elegant.

Very pretty! That goes into my evernote folder….another one of your suggestions. My dh likes to tote around a roll of TP when he’s sick. Now how ugly is that? This would be so much nicer.

I can’t imagine using this for toilet paper. I can’t get anyone else to change the roll *now*! They would never take the top off the holder and thread the TP through the little hole to get it started. We would have a really cute TP holder with a roll on the counter next to it .

It would be stylish for tissues, though.

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