Make it Snappy

Posted on: 16 June, 09

It is no secret that I love a bargain.  However, when it comes to my sewing products, I am not willing to sacrifice quality.  It is ulta cool when I can find the good stuff on sale. 


Pro-Stretch Elastic has become my new favorite elastic.  It is soft, but snaps right back every time.  I use lots of elastic.  I have tried many different brands, but this stuff rocks.  It would be nice if it came in different widths, but the 1 inch width is sufficient for most of my projects.  You can order it from Pamโ€™s blog at


Since I am never shy about bashing products I donโ€™t like (Simplicity bias cutter & folder), it is only fair that I brag about the things I do like.  (Ok, something other than my beloved crackberry.)  This is all part of my attempt at being more positive.  A friend pointed out that most of Facebook updates are rants and whines.  The good news is a two second rant on Facebook and I am all better.  However, I can see how it might give a different impression. 

I am off to bed to dream about what my next sewing project should be.  What is on your sewing agenda this week?


3 Responses to "Make it Snappy"

I love sewing stuff–all kinds of it. My agenda is sewing on DD’s suit jacket. So far, so good. However, today I babysit my 2 little grandsons, and tomorrow I really must take time out to clean my house. then, back to my sewing room for the weekend. Yay!

Hey Teri….glad you like the elastic…and we will be stocking it in different widths soon !

I bought some of Pam’s elastic awhile back for trunks (the underwear not the swimwear) for my son. It’s the BEST elastic! I can sew through it and it keeps it’s shape and is soft against the skin. I also like her interfacing. An added plus…she is so sweet and helpful.

I’m sewing a sleeveless knit dress from ottobre for a little wisp of a girl at church. I previously made a dress for her in a size 7 but it is HUGE on her. I think she’s a size 5. This dress is a “tester” to see what size in ottobre she measures as.

This tickles me….she loved her 1st dress so much that she wore it 2 sundays in a row even though it hung on her like a sack. She just saw a pretty dress. ๐Ÿ™‚

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