How Does My Garden Grow?

Posted on: 19 June, 09

It was very exciting to buds on this hydrangea. Hubski ran over it withe lawn mower shortly after we planted. Once it started to sprout again, a family of rabbits decided it was their personal breakfast buffet. This poor plant has worked hard to produce flowers. I was stunned to see their purple color. Our other hydrangea is blue. I do know that the acidity of the soil affects the color. It is interesting that the colors are so different given that both plants are in the front yard. Dunno. It is a mystery to me. I am happy to just enjoy the pretty colors.

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3 Responses to "How Does My Garden Grow?"

It’s lovely! We are moving to a new house this week and the yard has several hydrangea bushes and all are different colors. The backyard has white, green and blue-ish violet in one bush, pink and magenta-purple on another bush and white, blue-ish violet and blue on another. I’m not certain that these color mixes are from a single bush in each place or several bushes that have grown together. In any case, I’m really excited that I have lots of color already so I have less work to do in terms of planting. My daughter loves all the color, too.

You need to add that stuff to affect the acidity of the soil. I don’t remember what it’s called. Just know I have a bag in the garage. Maybe there is still enough in the soil that the blue one was planted in originally.

Beautiful hydrangea, btw.

Really pretty! Not so prevalent in LV, but we were noticing some beautiful hydrangeas in So Cal–both pink and blue in the same yard. I know you can “force” the color by adding something to the soil…I just enjoy looking!

Lynda in LV

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