Falling for New Patterns

Posted on: 24 June, 09

I love when the new patterns come out for the next season.  I never have the time to make even half of the ones I like, but it is fun to dream.  Here are my picks from the fall McCalls line up.  You can click on the photos to go to the McCalls website for larger images.




This sleeveless dress doesn’t look very “autumnal” unless you live in Hawaii… or Australia.  I love the placement of the plaid, very slimming. 






I see this shirt in a crisp white.  The plaid would be pretty for the holidays.  I don’t wear a lot of woven shirts, but this one has possibilities. 





The empire waist seems here to stay.  I have some silk Hubski bought in Asia that would work for this pattern.  It dances in that dangerous “maternity look” area.  Hopefully the drape of the silk would hang close enough to the body to avoid the suggestion of a baby bump.





I adore the shocking pink coat and red tights.  The silhouette definitely requires one to be the shape of a thin twig.  I seriously doubt I will ever make this, but it did catch my eye. 





The jacket is debatable, but the pants and skirt are fabulous.  Since it comes in a size 4, I just might have to buy this one. 






I included this one because it is so incredibly ugly.  I don’t even know what to say.  The ugliness is just too much.





There were several patterns for smock like garments, lots of loose fitting things.  It would appear we are tired of holding our tummies and want clothing that hides our muffin tops.  The jackets seem to be getting longer, which is not a great look on the vertically challenged.  The assortment of costume patterns are simply repackaging of old designs, the traditional clown, Native American, princess, etc.  Nothing new or exciting.




This one really confuses me.  Normally, the crossover style is one of my favorites for any age.  Look at the little girl in the pants.  Doesn’t it look like she is wearing a miniature version of her grandmother’s outfit?  I like using more sophisticated fabrics for children’s clothing, but this one just doesn’t work.  Maybe it is the black pants.  I don’t know, but something about that outfit on a small child screams “old lady” to me.  However, when I look at just the fabrics and line drawings, it would be totally chic for someone my age.  It is a weird juxtaposition that clearly bothers me more than it should. 

The new Ottobre Design is due in a couple weeks.  That magazine is always a treat for the eyes. 


9 Responses to "Falling for New Patterns"

I want that first dress. I just don’t want to have to sew it up right now.

Ditto on your assessment of the fall styles except for red and pink together. Those two colors together don’t do anything for me. You are sooo right about the outfit on the little girl. ugh! Why is there a trend to make little children look like little adults? When I sew for kids, I first check out ottobre and always find a child appropriate outfit.

I think the problem with the outfit for the little girl is the styling. What were they thinking with the old lady shoes, old lady hair style, old lady makeup, and old lady pose? Picture how Ottobre would style that exact same outfit — cute, trendy shoes and hair, child concentrating on doing something interesting and active.

Although I sort of doubt Ottobre would use that fabric combo

I rather like the child’s pattern—but for my or my teenager. 🙂

Actually, where most Australians live – that dress would need at least a shirt under it, and probably a jumper (what you call a sweater), certainly as winter approaches. It snowed near where I live (Melbourne) last week – the weather here is nothing like Hawaii 🙂

oh, and I ordered the empire top and the gorgeous coat last week 🙂

[…] dress is definitely on the must-sew list – thanks to Mermaids for highlighting it. And I want it to look just like the one in the […]

[…] dress is definitely on the must-sew list – thanks to Mermaids for highlighting it. And I want it to look just like the one in the […]

[…] dress is definitely on the must-sew list – thanks to Mermaids for highlighting it. And I want it to look just like the one in the […]

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