Meet Nettie

Posted on: 27 June, 09

This is the latest addition to my growing family of gadgets.  It is a Lenovo S10 netbook and it is positively precious.  It measures 7” by 10” and weighs about 2 pounds.  It is small enough to fit in a largish purse.  The fact that it is such a stunning shade of red is just a bonus.  Convincing Hubski that a netbook was what I really wanted was not easy.  Netbooks are not terribly expensive ($250 – $350), but you can also find some full fledge laptops for the upper end of that price range.  You can certainly find a very respectable laptop for $400.  He couldn’t understand why I would not want a more powerful machine.  That power comes at a price, and don’t mean dollars. 

Netbooks able to be smaller and lighter because they do less than a full laptop.  There is no CD/DVD drive.  Ports are limited.  The processor is not designed to handle lots of programs running simultaneously.  Memory is somewhat limited.  They are designed to be a portable to the internet.  With more and more programs being web based, people are learning that they don’t always need a high powered machine.  Thanks to Gmail, GoogleDocs, and Evernote, much of my work is now web based.  From time to time, I back up my online work to the hard drive of my desk top computer.  Most of the time, a connection to the internet is all I need.

Nettie, my sweet little netbook, is convenient and easy to drag around the house.  It will be awesome to take on trips.  Having lugged my antiquated (heavy) laptop through the airports on our recent trip to Michigan, I vowed to never take that computer on another trip.  (Both boys are taking online courses this summer.  They *have* to log in every day.)  We also discovered this year that both boys frequently need a computer for homework.  The days of sharing a computer are coming to an end.  One of them would have to use mine, leaving me pacing nervously until it was my turn again.  If both desktops are being used, I can use Nettie.  When I sub, it will be nice to have my computer that will fit in a bag smaller than luggage.  It is entirely possible we will end up getting the boys their own netbooks to use at school.  Their high school is completely wireless and utilizes a remote desktop program. 

The netbook came loaded with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Open Office, and a couple other minor programs.  Since I have no delusions of this being my “main” computer, I doubt we will load much else on there.  The more you put on a computer, the slower it gets.  The built in webcam might be fun, if I get brave enough to put myself on the web.  People could watch me sew!

Some people (mostly men) complain about the small keyboard.  I actually like it.  The keys are slightly different than a standard keyboard.  There is a little learning curve with that.  I love how small and portable it is.  Nettie is fantastic addition to my family of gadgets. 

(and, yes, I know I am utterly ridiculous with my techie toys)

3 Responses to "Meet Nettie"

My boys and I saw the netbook in an ad and we thought it looked sooo cool! You’ll have to keep us updated on how you like it as you use it more.

I LOVE mine ! I got an Acer NetBook just after Christmas. I knew about the memory and had to adjust my working style…I do tend to open a bunch of things and just let ’em run. Can’t do that on the NetBook. The other thing was the RAM, I made sure to get the 160GB since I didn’t want to be carting around SD memory cards.

My baby has made two trips to New Brunswick with me and it’s great. In the morning I walk 5 minutes to the nearest Tim Horton’s for my coffee and to use the wireless connection to keep up with my emails and blog reading.

DH had the same reaction when I said I wanted a netbook – why not a full laptop? I gave him the very same reasons. I will possibly get one for my birthday in September, as summer always brings extra expenses…. And I can do more research on what model I want.

Enjoy! Does yours have a regular hard drive or one of the solid state flash drives?

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