Sunday Sewing

Posted on: 28 June, 09

Between summer vacation and our last minute trip to Michigan, I have lost all sense of time.  All day Friday, I was certain it was Thursday.  I thought yesterday was Sunday so it felt really strange to have Hubski home all day.  Toss in a little insomnia and my internal clock has run out of batteries.

When I saw the comics and coupons in the paper, I knew today was Sunday, which is a great day for sewing.  I repaired the hasty zipper installation I did on my black skirt.  It wasn’t too bad to fix, except for trying to rip out black topstitching on black fabric.  I would post a photo but black never photographs well.  It is a very basic straight black skirt with the contoured yoke waistband.  The circumstances of its creation were not good, but it is a great skirt that I will use often.

I also worked on a baby gift.  Very good friends of my in-laws are about to become grandparents for the first time… and it’s a girl!  I very much like this couple and would have probably made something anyway.  However, I definitely seized the opportunity to do some baby girl sewing.  The outfit is complete, almost.  It needs a little something else, but I can’t decide on exactly what else.  After dinner, I got distracted watching a PBS special with J about cephalopods.  It was fascinating.  Grown up octopus are a little gross, in my opinion.  Baby octopus are positively adorable.

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