Too Many Irons

Posted on: 29 June, 09

Too many irons… in the fire, that is.  There were a million piddling details to attend to today.  Too many of those tasks required phone calls.  I have become so spoiled with email, texting, and IM.  When I have to make actual phone calls, it is almost painful.  During the hours I was on hold, I trolled the internet.  Look at this pretty discovery:

I love the idea of the little pocket for pens and pencils!  The colors are pretty fantastic, too.  DailyThreads sells them on Etsy for $42.  Wow. 


1 Response to "Too Many Irons"

I hate making phone calls. It’s hardly ever that I can speak with a real human or I’m on hold forever.

What a FUN etsy site! She is so clever with her fabric and…her ideas!…wow! The little houses area adorable but for $75-85, I’ll pass, although she has LOTS of work in them and it would seem a fair price I like how she quilted with a double needle in a meandering way.

Thanks for sharing your finds. it’s fun to see something new. Glad you had those phone calls. 🙂

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