Pink & Pintucks

Posted on: 4 July, 09

When I first saw this dress pattern, I knew I had to make it.  Now I know that I need to make it again.  The fit is fabulous and comfortable. 

The fabric is a cotton print that I purchased at local fabric store when they went out of business.  Their loss was my gain.  I hated to see the loss of a fabric store, but when you charge $18 a yard for a cotton print…  The fabric was marked down to $2 a yard when I bought it.

The pattern calls for a center back zipper.  It was not necessary.  The dress slips over my head easily.  I still cut the back with a center seam.  I curved the center back seam inward to accommodate my sway back.  Even though the dress is designed to gather, the extra shaping in the back keeps it from being too poufy. 

I placed the belt loops higher than recommended.  I wanted more of an empire waist.  I also made the belt long enough to tie in an X formation for more interest. 

Here is a close up of the pintuck detailing.  It is a little lost on this busy print.


13 Responses to "Pink & Pintucks"

I love it!

Oh Teri….. I just love this !

I really NEED to make this for myself….probably in a blouse or tunic length. Thanks for the info about not needing a zipper.

Very pretty dress! What pattern is this (or did I miss it somewhere)?

So sorry! I thought I included the pattern details… Design #1, 05/08 Issue of Ottobre Woman.

teri A party without cake is really just a meeting… ~Julia Child

Very cute dress, btw, what is the pattern?

Alright, time to make it here, too.

This is beautiful. I’ve also found I never use the zipper on this one. I know you have a standard set of modifications you make. Did you raise the bodice on this at all? I only ask because my one gripe with this pattern is I don’t think the bodice is hitting me in quite the right place. I also made it from a firmer fabric and I found the width below the sleeve was too much and I put some ad hoc tucks in the side seam to shape it more. Nonetheless I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my dress and I’ve been meaning to do it again, just want to work the kinks out first. Yours is lovely.

I did not modify the bodice at all, except to open up the neckline a tad. The bodice seam falls right at my “high bust” measurement.

The dress is a bit tent-like. It needs a fabric with a soft drape. If I make it again, I might do shaping at the side seams, not that I don’t like this version, just to have a little variety. It would also be fabulous in a knit.

Thank you for reading!

teri A party without cake is really just a meeting… ~Julia Child

oh gosh……….. your outfits constantly inspire me every morning to go out and start sewing.

but life constantly gets in the way. yet every morning when i read your blog, i think, gee, i really need to get sewing.

thanks for showing off your gorgeous dress and once again gently reminding me that i really need to get off my butt and start sewing!

Thank you for the very sweet words! I highly recommend finding some time in the day to sew for yourself. The Ottobre patterns are great because they are usually fast projects, but lots of style. This dress was very easy and quick to sew.

teri A party without cake is really just a meeting… ~Julia Child

Very cute- just what I need for the unusually hot days we’ve been having here. It’s from the 1/2008 issue of Ottobre Women, design #1.

Oops- just went back and checked and it’s the 5/08 issue, not 1/08.

Gorgeous dress! What pattern is it? I have a black and white that would be perfect for this.

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