Something up my Sleeve

Posted on: 5 July, 09

My precious little netbook, Nettie, needs some protection from scratches and bumps.  I could order one, but Nettie is anxious to be out and about in the world.  I whipped up this little sleeve in the wee hours of the morning. 

Since, unlike Hubski, I do not toss and fling my bags around wildly, there is no need for a freakish amount of padding.  This sleeve will go inside another bag.  For excursions that might be more robust, I will put the sleeve inside another padded laptop backpack.  Anyway, I used scraps of flannel with a layer of thick batting in between.  Random straight stitching was to keep the layers together and give it a quilted look.  I made a large rectangle, then folded it around Nettie to determine the size.  Bias tape was used the bind the edges. 

I sewed up the side seams along the bias tape bound edges.  The corners were then squared to give it a little shape.  I added some velcro for the closure, and done.  It was a very fast project.  Nettie is quite pleased and cozy. 

Tune in tomorrow to see what I did for the power cable…

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