Power (W)rap

Posted on: 6 July, 09

There will be times when the power cable will travel with Nettie, my netbook.  After making the sleeve, my original plan was to make a zippered pouch for the cable.  Ironically, the power cable is almost as big as Nettie.  She’s such a wee, little thing.  Alas, I did not have a teal zipper to match the bias tape and I was far too impatient to wait until I had time for a JoAnn Fabrics excursion. Plan B: a Japanese inspired wrap!

Using two layers of flannel, I quilted them together with a layer of interfacing for stability.  The edges were finished with bias tape, same as the sleeve.

As luck would have it, I find this easier than trying to cram a bulky, sprawling power cable into a zippered bag.  The power cord is rolled and placed in the center of the wrap.

Two corners are brought to the center.  (I might add a dot of velcro to holds these corners together.  More field testing is required.)

The opposite corners are now brought to the center.  The ties are tied snuggly, creating a cute, little package.  Because I am not trying to cram the power cord through a zippered opening, I do not need to be as meticulous about rolling up the cord and the end result is a smaller bundle.  Here is a photo of how I attached the ties. 

Hubski snorted at first when he saw this work in progress.  Once it was finished, he was impressed with how quickly and easily I could bundle the power cord. 


3 Responses to "Power (W)rap"

NICE! I really like how you did this. It’s so hard to handle powercords. I generally just shove mine into my bag alongside my tablet.

I LOVE Nettie. I want. I will get one someday, and she will have clothes and accessories also!

Cuuuute. I like this.

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