Made in Mexico

Posted on: 13 July, 09

I don’t know if this fabric was actually made in Mexico.  It was purchased in Mexico.  Does that count?  Imagine my surprise when Google Maps revealed a fabric store within a few miles of our hotel in Cozumel.  I googled it just for fun.  I was really hoping for some ethnic fabrics, hand woven cottons or colorful embroidery.  Modatelas seems to be Mexican equivalent of JoAnn Fabrics. There was lots and lots of fabric, but all stuff that I can find locally.  The prices were really good, however.  Not one to leave empty handed, I picked up these four pieces.  The first one is a silky woven.  The other three are knits.  The rotary cutter is in there for scale reference. 

As I browsed the store, I started grabbing bolts and looked for a cutting counter.  A clerk flew over to me to explain that they cut it right off the bolt.  I am not sure how accurate that is, but she seemed generous with the measurements.  After the exchange rate, each piece was roughly $2 a meter. 

I did not have loads of time because the guys were tired of shopping and anxious to get back to snorkeling.  Sadly, I did not see any pattern books or magazines.  It was a little weird to see a big Guttermann display in Spanish.  They had a great assortment of trims and buttons. 

Even if the fabric is not traditionally Mexican, the bright colors will remind me of Mexico.  I think the woven shall be a skirt.  The knits are still undecided. 


4 Responses to "Made in Mexico"

I LOVE that last swatch!

Gorgeous! I especially like the red.

ooooh, so psychadelic! I adore them all. Soooo green with envy right now (says the woman who is trying to talk hubby into going to fabric stores in NYC on halloween!).

I like them all.

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